The Call to Following Jesus the Messiah
Table of Contents
Lesson 1 Introduction and Jesus, the Anointed One5
Lesson 2 Jesus, the Humble Servant 11
Lesson 3 Jesus, the Suffering Servant 17
Lesson 4 Jesus, the Obedient Son 23
Lesson 5 Jesus, the Light of the World 29
Lesson 6 Jesus, the Bread of Life 35
Lesson 7 Jesus, the Prince of Peace 42
Lesson 8 Jesus, the True Vine 47
Lesson 9 Jesus, the Eternal, Faithful One 53
Lesson 10 Summing Up the Message of Jesus the Messiah 61
Inductive Study Methodology67
Questions to Ask in a Soul Companionship Relationship 73
Word Studies75
Sunergos Bible Studies79
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