The Call to Biblical Fellowship
Table of Contents
Lesson 1 Introduction to the Call to Biblical Fellowship5
Lesson 2 The Call to Loving One Another11
Lesson 3 The Call to Assembling Together17
Lesson 4 The Call to Living in Peace with One Another 23
Lesson 5 The Call to Being Kind to One Another 27
Lesson 6 The Call to Forgiving One Another 33
Lesson 7 The Call to Submitting to One Another 39
Lesson 8 The Call to Serving One Another43
Lesson 9 The Call to Comforting One Another 47
Lesson 10 The Call to Being Hospitable to One Another 53
Lesson 11 The Call to Confessing Your Sins to One Another57
Lesson 12 The Call to Praying for One Another63
Lesson 13 The Call to Biblical Fellowship Review67
Use of the Word Koinonia in the New Testament71
"The Shema"73
God's Intention for the Church79
Reaching Emotional Forgiveness83
Grieving For Those Who Have Hope85
Word Study Index87
Author profile91
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