Prayers of the Bible
Table of Contents
Lesson 1 Introduction, the Call to Prayer, and Prayers of Adoration5
Lesson 2 Prayers of Confession19
Lesson 3 - Prayers of  Thanksgiving29
Lesson 4 Prayers of Supplication39
Lesson 5 Prayers of Intercession and Fasting49
Lesson 6 Jesus' Teaching on Prayer61
Lesson 7 Praying for Deliverance71
Lesson 8 Praying for Wisdom83
Lesson 9 Praying for Strength and Help93
Lesson 10 Praying for Comfort and Peace103
Lesson 11 Praying for Revival113
Lesson 12 Praying Unity and God's Will125
Scripture Work Sheet137
Inductive Study Methodology139
Prayer Journal145
The Shema149
Hebrew Word Study Index151
Greek Word Study Index152
Bibliography 153
Author Profile 155
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