What makes Sunergos Bible studies different from other Bible studies? 
The top four responses include:
  • The observation questions that begin the inductive study process in each lesson.   [After a simple reminder to open the lesson in prayer, the observation questions begin each lesson with the “5 Ws and an H” questions (who, what, where, when, why, and how) to start the examination of the text being studied.]
  • Carefully worded questions that ask students to think for themselves.
    [The questions in the lessons guide students as the Holy Spirit teaches through Scripture’s correction, reproof, and training in righteousness.]
  • The word studies in each lesson are a very valuable resource.
    [Many who have done the studies have commented on what a great help it is to have the word studies already provided, saving them the time it would take to look up this information.] Included in every lesson are “word studies” that provide help for those who want to look at some of the key words in the Scriptural text that is being studied.  Besides providing the lexical form of the word as well as the actual word, the word studies include the Strong’s number and definition, as well as other lexical aids to add to the understanding of the words used in the original languages from a variety of credible sources.  A Scriptural cross-reference for every word study gives the student an example of where the word was used in another Scripture.  When a word is used five times or less in the New Testament, this is also noted. 
  • Each study contains thought provoking and challenging application questions:
    [The application questions are very thought provoking as they challenge the student to live out the word, and make its truths a part of their life. The studies look for meaningful ways to see how Scripture’s instructions, exhortations, warnings, and admonitions are to be relevant in the life of the believer today.]