Use as a Home School Resource? 
Sunergos Bible Studies are currently being used by Home Schooling Families to help students study the Bible while developing critical thinking skills. Here are a couple of comments we have received:
  • "I wanted to thank you for publishing your study on Ephesians.  My oldest three children, ages 18, 16,  and 15, and I used it for our Bible/Life lesson for the last 3 semesters, going through it slowly together.  What a blessing!  I just thought you would like to know that your work is continuing to produce fruit!  This next school year we will be studying  Titus and the Call to Biblical Discipleship lessons."  
             Your Sister in Christ,  Amy May  (See additional comment below)
  • "After having used a number of Sunergos Bible Studies for myself , I am now using The Call to Biblical Fellowship study with my home school children for their Bible requirement as they move through their teenage years."
             Leslie Raynor, CA
  • "My oldest son and I will be going through the Sermon on the Mount study for our Bible lesson for the rest of this school year. He is a junior. 
    My oldest 2 girls are at Moody Bible Institute this semester and My oldest said that doing the inductive study has helped her in her How to Teach and Study the Bible class. 
    My youngest daughter, who is 10 was asking when I could do an inductive study with her. She sees how much we get out of our studies.,
    Your Sister in Christ,  Amy May