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Sunergos Bible Studies are in-depth, inductive studies that focus on the Word of God. By definition, inductive Bible study uses the Bible as the main source of information about the Bible and its meaning.

Our guidelines on Inductive Study Methodology are good to use as a guide. They are included in each Bible Study's appendix and should be used to reinforce the inductive method of Bible study.
This page of the website will be used, and expanded over time,  to provide additional information about the Inductive Study Methodology. We intend to include examples of scripture worksheets,  and other techniques that are used as part of the methodology.

Inductive Study - Examples and Explanations

What is an example of a scripture worksheet that has been filled out?
What do you mean and why do you ask that we "draw a picture?"

Bible Studies

Joshua and the Call to Live
      Victoriously by Faith

The Book of Ruth
The Life of David
The Book of Nehemiah
The Book of Esther
The Sermon on the Mount
Gospel According to Mark
Epistle to the Romans
Galatians and the
      Fruit of the Spirit

Philippians and the Call
      to Biblical Fellowship

Titus and the Call to
      Biblical Discipleship

Epistle to the Hebrews

Survey Study
Intro to the New Testament
Topical Studies
Old Testament Worship for
      Followers of Christ

Prayers of the Bible
Women of the Word
Discipleship  Studies

The Call to Following Jesus
      The Messiah

A Woman's Call To
      Biblical Discipleship

The Call to Bearing Fruit by
      the Power of the Spirit

The Call to Biblical

The Call to Christian

The Call to Live Victoriously
      By Faith

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