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James - An Inductive Bible Study

James Bible Study
  • Paperback: 184 pages
  • Size: 8.25 x 11
  • Publisher: Xulon Press
  • ISBN: 1-59467086-2
  • Retail Price: $16.99
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This inductive Bible study focuses on a message for the early Christian church scattered from Judea in the first century.  The study carefully examines the disciple Jamesí concerns for Jewish believers to keep on being doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves.  This in-depth eleven week study takes a close look at the themes of the epistle of James, including teaching concerning trials, wisdom, prayer, humility and the use of the tongue.  The study also investigates the practical guidelines for living for each who are in relationship with Christ and His followers.  Many practical application questions are considered so that students are challenged to grow stronger in their faith and in their walk with the Lord.

The study provides a number of options for completing the lessons.  The student could complete the observation questions followed by application questions, or complete the remainder of the lesson for an in-depth study.  Students could also study only some of the portions of the in-depth lesson beyond the observation questions.  The study offers a reflection in Scripture to provide a time of worship as a conclusion to the daily study.  When a group is meeting weekly to discuss the lessons, each student will benefit from the review discussion suggested by possibilities in the accompanying leaderís guide.

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