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We are honored to have so many churches and individuals using Sunergos Studies. Here are some of the comments we have received.

"Thank you for your email, Jan, but especially I thank you for your study guide on the Sermon on the Mount. We have been so blessed by your work! My friends have loved learning to do inductive Bible study - you've made it doable for them. Some other studies can be so overwhelming that they've just quit them.
Since our Bible study year goes for 28 weeks, I've divided your 14 lessons so we can spend the whole year on it. This will allow us to spend extra time on some of the verses. Plus it allowed me to be sure that everyone understood inductive study without rushing through the overview.
We have so appreciated your background material to the study - we enjoyed studying about the Apostle Matthew and I spent a whole week on Chapter 4,  especially on the temptation of Christ. 
Thank you for encouraging us to memorize Scripture in your study. I'm also so grateful you continually remind us to pray before doing the work - it's so easy to forget that and just do our tasks - so thank you for all the details you put in this study.
I'm so excited about the way inductive study enables these women to study Scripture with what God has gifted them with before studying commentaries. I love how it builds women up that they have minds and ideas and that theology is not beyond them. I love how it helps them think and listen to God. It so encourages the one to one relationship with our God.
 I guess I kind of went on and on but I'm so, so excited and thrilled with studying the Sermon on the Mount, and I wanted to thank you and show my appreciation for your hard work in writing the Bible study.
Thank you for your interest in our study.  Continue to pray for us, that we would be sensitive to the Spirit's leading us in Matthew 5-7, and that we would grow more and more like Christ each day. Thanks again - your study is great!" In Christ, Linda J, Annapolis, MD

"Inductive Bible study equips the believer to accurately handle the Word of truth. Through simple skills the student discovers what the Scripture says, what it means, and how it applies to his own life. Inductive study is valuable whether you are a new or a mature Christian, whether you are a man or woman, young or old, or a believer in any denomination. It is thought provoking, encouraging, affirming, convicting, humbling, incredibly maturing and leads the saint to worship and love God. As a student of the Word and Bible study teacher, I appreciate the gift that Sunergos Bible Studies is to the body of Christ. If you hunger to know God and His Word then this is for you. Sunergos Bible Studies are written for disciples of God, that together we would grow up in every aspect into Him, who is the head, even Christ. They lead me into knowing the Word and the One Who is the Word." Marcia Sillyman, Phoenix, Arizona.

"Inductive Bible study is not an academic exercise; it is meditative, contemplative, and reflective. It is soaking in God's truth and provides a way for you to express your love for the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. When you love someone, spending time with them is not a burden, it is a joy and it is life giving. Sunergos Bible Studies have helped me go beyond knowing about God and are helping me to accomplish my goal of knowing God more intimately." Dawn Gould, Sebastopol, CA

"I made a commitment to Christ, after understanding the truths of God's love and mercy during the study of The Life of David. I took the class with my wife who has been praying for me for years." A.M., Petaluma, CA
"I have used other inductive studies in the past, but some of the students found them to be too in-depth and too time consuming,  With Jan's studies, each day's work is broken up into two levels of study -- big picture (observation) or digging deeper (interpretation and application).  Jan Wells is very encouraging and is available for questions.  She and her husband pray for our group as we study." Leeann Deutsch, WA
"After having used a number of Sunergos Bible Studies for myself , I am now using them with my home school children for their Bible requirements as they move into and through their teenage years." Leslie Raynor, CA

"The class on the Jewish religious leaders in Israel (In the Fullness of Time) has been so valuable for my understanding of the New Testament." Linnie Twitchell, Sebastopol, CA

"Jan's inductive studies are so user friendly! The depth of study she does in preparing shines through - as does her heart for God's word. As I led the study on The Life of David her leader's notes were invaluable helps. All of us completed this study with intimate insights into the depth of David.... his heart, his weaknesses, his valor and commitment of faith, his poetic talents and, most importantly, his love for God. My students left this study yearning for more!" - Jan DeFoe, Kona, Hawaii.

"I am one of the first students to take Jan Wells' inductive Bible studies and have studied books from both the Old and New Testaments. I have really enjoyed "Women of the Word," and have taken that study two times! The way the lessons are set-up you can grasp and retain God's word from day one. Before studying with Sunergos Bible Studies, I had not been a good student, not because I didn't try in the past, but because I have a learning disability. With this method, I have been able to dig deep, learning God's word step by step. God's word has helped me to blossom over the years into a very enthusiastic student who wants to give the all the answers during the class discussion!" Monica Chatfield, Rohnert Park, CA

"I wanted to thank you for publishing your study on Ephesians.  My oldest 3 children, ages 18, 16  and 15, and I used it for our Bible/Life lesson for the last 3 semesters, going through it slowly together.  What a blessing!  I just thought you would like to know that your work is continuing to produce fruit!"   Your Sister in Christ, Amy May

"Over the summer I researched a variety of material to begin our fall study and I'm happy to have found Women of the Word.  It's excellent material.  It (along with another one of your studies) was more complete and full of scripture research.  It challenges us to move to the next level. I am excited about the opportunity to share it with the women in my Bible study." A.W.S., WA

More will be added as I have time.... Rich
At a book signing May 20th, hosted by Western Christian Bookstore, for three local authors, Dawn Gould made the following presentation as part of the program.
"Iíve been a part of every study Jan has written and as a result I have been thoroughly stretched, challenged and grounded not only in the word, but in the truth of Godís character.† It has significantly changed my life.† I have greatly appreciated the flexibility that her studies have offered me, providing plenty of in depth studies in the seasons of life when I have had a large amount of time to study and for my more hectic sessions a more abbreviated set of lesions.†
Regardless if I have done every bit of the lesson or just the bullet questions, I have been able to contribute to class discussions.† The studies have offered plenty of variety and accommodate for many different types of learning styles and preferences.
It has been a joy to have my son, who first saw me sitting down with colored pencils and a Bible study, join me and help me by circling key words and looking up Bible references.††† We began this tradition when I was studying Titus and I didnít realize how greatly that time in the word influenced him, until at his 9th birthday party, while playing charades, Kevin and his buddy from school acted out a scene from the Bible.† It was a man sitting at a desk writing.† When the party guests were stumped, Kevin declared that he was acting out Paul writing to Titus.†† You see the variety of questions and instructions of Sunergos Bible Studies have even inspired my young son to have a love for Godís word and have literally put the characters in the Bible and the Lord in his mind.† What a gift. 
As a leader of womenís ministry of a Christian camp† I have used them as a discipleship tool for some of the gals on staff that I work alongside of.† I appreciate that the studies require the gals to dig deep and reflect on how the Lord would want them to apply these truths.† They have enjoyed understanding the cultural and historical information that is found in the each study as well as the Greek meanings for various key words in the studies.† It has been an opportunity for them to learn how very important it is to be in Godís word and know Him.
I know individuals that are very methodical and love very detailed types of studies and they devour these studies.† I also that there are many people like myselfÖ very random and scattered, but thrive on the truths that God reveals through the application questions and bullet questions.
The unique blessing is that Sunergos Bible Studies are so thorough and complete that each study contains a treasure for everyone, whether you are a person who delights in word studies, application questions, cross references, historical and cultural information, prayers, observation questions or even through the hymns found in each lesson.††† God will touch you through these studies regardless of your preference of learning."  Dawn Gould, Sebastopol, California

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